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By Stephen Takowsky
on November 11, 2020 11:54am

Ghostrunner Launches on Nintendo Switch™

Ghostrunner is now available on Nintendo Switch™!

For those of you looking to purchase Ghostrunner on Nintendo Switch™ you will find that when you access the Nintendo eShop™ you will see Ghostrunner listed twice!

Don’t worry about the extra listing (the full price $29.99 version) showing Dec 9th as a launch date and simply buy the discounted version of Ghostrunner available today! We decided to give a nice discount and bonus vanity content to Nintendo Switch™ users who purchase Ghostrunner at launch and Nintendo’s policy requires the base game, without discount and bonus vanity content, to be visible with its expected release date.

If you are a Ghostrunner at heart and want to be a member of the Ghostrunner community then join the official Ghostrunner Discord server.

For more information about Ghostrunner, including full language support, visit the official Ghostrunner website.

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