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Battle Ages
Battle Ages

BATTLE AGES puts you in control of a settlement at the dawn of time. Build your civilization and lead it through thousands of years of advancement from discovery of fire to the invention of the telegraph in exciting PvP combat of epic glory!

JOURNEY THROUGH THE AGES as you join the race through time and fight to be the most powerful leader in history. Use your workers to build cutting edge industry, build and upgrade your defences and employ great scientific minds of the era to research fantastic weapons of each distinct age and lay waste to your enemies.

Battle Ages
Release Dates
Developer: DR Studios
Genre: Sandbox,
Everyone 10+
  • LEAD A CIVILIZATION from the dawn of time to the modern age
  • JOURNEY THROUGH 6 distinct, authentic, and exciting ages in time from launch, with more ages following very soon!
  • COMPETE AGAINST thousands of other players for domination on a global scale!
  • JOIN FORCES with friends to take on other groups in epic battles that span generations
  • BATTLE PLAYERS across the ages – see Neolithic Barbarians fight Medieval Knights, and Roman Legionnaires stand off against Union soldiers
  • CHOOSE FROM 22 different units, 15 different spells, 11 different traps and more than 50 unique buildings to construct.

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