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By Yume Warlock
on July 16, 2020 11:33am

Gems of War gets its biggest update of the year!

Campaigns have landed in Krystara as part of the Gems of War 5.0 Update!
Campaigns will offer a treasure trove of new seasonal content with challenges spanning 10 weeks. These Campaigns will run alongside the many regular weekly events in Gems of War.

Uncover the expanding story through task completion as the Campaign progresses.
Each week, players can unlock the magical Artifacts that help players level up and unlock temporary buffs. Artifacts will also unlock stories specifically related to the current Campaign.

A free Campaign Pass will be available to all players. For adventurers who desire to fill their pockets with more riches and rewards, we offer the Elite Passe. The Elite Pass or Elite+ Pass will grant access to the Elite Pass rewards track offers special rewards and weekly bonus stars for the duration of the Campaign.

Check out the Gems of War 5.0 Update Patch Notes for more details.
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