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Sequel to the muti-million selling How to Survive, the latest installments was released on Steam in September 2016 after a successful Early Access period where hundreds of thousand of players joined the community and helped shape this fun action packed adventure. The infection spread to PS4 and XONE in 2017.

Set 15 years after the first game, players find themselves in Louisiana, over-run by the Zombie infestation, and must team up to survive. Scavenging resources and handcrafting their own tools and weapons, building a safe camp and meeting the colourful characters that populate the area including series’ favourite, Kovac, masked stranger & author of the ever present survival guide.

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How to Survive 2


Developer: EKO Software

  • Multiplayer is here! You can invite up to 16 players to access your camp and 4 of you can play simultaneously online or local.
  • Teamwork: all players can contribute to a bigger, better camp and can perform co-op actions and strategies.
  • New randomized environments: from the unforgiving Mississippi Delta bayous to the abandoned streets of New Orleans’ French Quarter.
  • Create your own character: learn new and different skills to specialize as you level up and equip with scavenged and handcrafted armor, tools and weapons.
  • A new deeper crafting system will allow you to use items and materials to create hundreds of items, tools and weapons to upgrade your character and your base camp.
  • Protect your camp and survive, alone or with your friends, to the Kovac’s Challenges! Place your traps in a strategic way and prepare to fight hordes of powerful zombies.
  • You can now kill zombies in a cooler way thanks to the finish moves and gory effects!

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