505 Games joins Safe In Our World as an Official Partner

We are thrilled to announce that 505 Games have joined forces with Safe In Our World to support the #LevelUpMentalHealth initiative to deploy and encourage positive mental health support practises to all of our staff. But what does this mean exactly? In short, it’s a commitment that 505 will make strides within the organisation to support mental health and we will do what we can to ensure everyone can get help if they ever feel like they need it.

The video game industry is uniting to bring support not only the mental health of our players, but that of the teams who build the worlds we play within.

As part of the initiative, Safe in our World has co-created an employer’s mental health toolkit, giving guidance and empowering developers, publishers, and service providers to place positive mental health at the forefront of their plans.

The #LevelUpMentalHealth campaign challenges are:

For more info, head on over to safeinourworld.org/level-up/