And The Xbox Sales Just Keep Comin'!

Xbox One has done it again! From April 10th-April 16th, Xbox will be featuring HUGE sales on many of your favorite titles from 505 Games. Whether it be crafty builders like Portal Knights or RPG puzzlers like Gems of War, you’ll find bundles of reasons to keep those gaming muscles as warm as the spring sunshine.

PORTAL KNIGHTS – Lobot Box$2.99 Now $2.24!
PORTAL KNIGHTS – Bibot Box$2.99 Now $2.24!
PAYDAY 2 – Crimewave Edition – Big Score Game Bundle$49.99 Now $25!
PAYDAY 2 – Crimewave Edition – Big Score DLC Bundle$39.99 Now $20!
GEMS OF WAR – Sir Gwayne Starter Pack$9.99 Now $1.50!
HAWKEN – Starter Pack$9.99 Now $1.50!
BATTLE AGES – Town of Gems$4.99 Now $1!
BATTLE ISLANDS – Bag of Gold$4.99 Now $1!
BATTLE ISLANDS: COMMANDERS – Exclusive Battle Over Berlin Bundle$19.99 Now $3!
PROMINENCE POKER – Made Bundle$9.99 Now $1.50!

Dang, those are some great savings! Grab ’em while you can, and keep your eyes peeled for more great sales from all our titles, across all our platforms, in all the seasons to come!