Xbox One Sales You Don't Want to Miss!

Xbox One, what did we ever do to deserve you? From May 8th-May 14th, XB1 will be featuring HUGE sales on start packs for all the Free-To-Play titles from 505 Games. We’ve got your WWII battle strategies and your civilization builders, we’ve got your mech shooters, we’ve got your puzzle RPGs, we’ve got your stone-faced poker tournaments– you name it, we’ve got it!

GEMS OF WAR – Lapina Avatar$9.99 Now $2.50!
GEMS OF WAR – Guild Elite Pack$19.99 Now $5.00!
GEMS OF WAR – Legendary Starter Pack$49.99 Now $34.99!
HAWKEN – Starter Pack$9.99 Now $1.50!
BATTLE AGES – Town of Gems$4.99 Now $2.50!
BATTLE ISLANDS – Bag of Gold$4.99 Now $2.50!
BATTLE ISLANDS: COMMANDERS – Exclusive Battle Over Berlin Bundle$19.99 Now $5.00!
PROMINENCE POKER – Made Bundle$9.99 Now $1.50!

If you’re looking for that next time-stealer, 505 Games has you covered. Get your button-tapping off on the right foot with these incredible discounts on in-game resources before they’re gone!