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By Jade Nicole
on April 14, 2020 11:00am

Portal Knights – New Player Community Tips

Friend bugging you to play Portal Knights? Or taking your first step into the fantastic unknown?

Whatever type of player you are, chances are Portal Knights has something for you! Here are some tips from our lovely community to get you started:

Cyn Schultz
Don’t forget about using the arcane compass it makes it easier to find the portals.

Jeremy Rochon
Learn how to duck and roll, good dodging can win the game!

John A
Get a drill as soon as you can.. you can use it to level up super fast by drilling various kinds of blocks. The more of the same kind of block (excluding dirt) you drill, the more your experience stacks!

Gather as many resources as possible!

Other breakables: jars, barrels, and crates. Smash them for health, mana, XP, and a variety of blocks!
Playing a long game session? Don’t forget to hydrate!

There’s a great way to move faster than running in Portal Knights all you have to do is press options and go to your controls and go down to where it says evade/descend. Make sure to set this to a button you don’t frequently use.

Don’t rush. You’ll get there eventually, and in taking your time, you’ll get to fully experience the entire game. This is not the type of game you rush to the end so you can finally play. It’s a great experience throughout!

Rob Blake
The best bit of advice I can give is;
If you get stuck with anything, don’t worry about asking for help, this is a very friendly and helpful community!

If you’re new to Portal Knights or jumping back in after a break, we hope these tips have been helpful. Don’t forget to keep up to date with all things Portal Knights via Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit or by using the #PortalKnights hashtag.

Jade Nicole

Jade Nicole is a Brand Community Manager at 505 Games. An avid fan of all things fantasy, metal and tea. She’s mostly spending her time in the latest RPG or MMO. @inheritix