Portal Knights Community Builds & Creative Mode

DID YOU KNOW – Portal Knights has a Creative Mode, which is available to check out right now on Steam and mobile? That’s right, you can now create your own islands using unlimited resources! What’s more, it’s coming to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One later this year as part of a huge FREE update!

The Portal Knights community never fail to impress us! It’s always an absolute joy logging into Steam to see what our community has been up to. We are continuously blown away by the level of creativity among our players and since the introduction of Creative Mode, we’re seeing that level of creativity step up a notch! Below, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite builds here at 505 Games. These guys have taken the tools available and put together some incredibly special builds! You really should take some time to check them out…

If you’re a PC player, you can download these amazing builds for yourself right here, right now, plus many more from the Steam Workshop! It’s super easy to get your hands on them. Head over to the Steam Workshop, hit ‘Subscribe’ on the build you’re interested in, press ‘Download’ and then select the build from in-game! Simple as that. Oh… And if you like the island you’ve been exploring, be sure to let the creators know in the comments section. A few kind words can really make someone’s day!

Built something awesome yourself? Head over to the Steam Workshop and upload your creation now. We cannot wait to see what you’ve been up to!

Console players, stay tuned for a release date and more info on our next major update!

➡️ Castle V3 (1.4.2) https://bit.ly/2JdvGfT
➡️ 奥丁格殿堂 https://bit.ly/2lVTdcd
➡️ Seven Secret Shrines https://bit.ly/2tsQtHg
➡️ Bateau XL Worldnex https://bit.ly/2yjzFY6

Check out the full selection of Steam Workshop builds here ➡️ https://bit.ly/2N8HWk9