Hello heisters! We’re thrilled with your response to The Big Score DLC for Payday 2 on consoles. Seeing our PlayStation 4 and Xbox One heisters sink their teeth into the new content has been awesome. We know you have some questions about the DLC, bug fixes, and other things so we’ve set up this handy FAQ below to assist. Any other questions can be directed to us on Twitter @PD2Crimewave. Thanks and keep those helmets flying!


Q: Are there new trophies and achievements in The Big Score DLC?

A: Not at this time. We’re going to add more trophies and achievements in a future patch

to the game. Current trophies and achievements will reflect the addition of the new DLC.


Q: After the update, some of my weapon modification, materials, masks, etc. disappeared.

A: While this hasn’t happened to everyone, we have seen reports of this and are working

on a fix to give all users that own Crimewave X amount of each item that could have disappeared. The plan is to launch this in the next patch.


Q: Crime Net keeps giving me an Error message.

A: We’re aware of the Error message some Crime Net users are seeing and we have a fix for this that we’ll launch in the next patch. For the time being, you can exit out of the error message by exiting and entering and jump right into heisting.


Q: When will new skill trees, Jimmy, Sydney, etc. come to consoles?

A: The Big Score contains all DLCs through the end of 2015. At this time, we’re focused on making sure The Big Score reaches all of our console heisters and they have a blast with it. However, we’ve been working on a system that will allow us to release updates more frequently so we’ll keep you posted on the upcoming content.


Q: Like on PC, can I join my friends’ hosted DLC heist if I haven’t downloaded


A: Yes! Just like on PC, if your friend is hosting a heist from The Big Score DLC and you don’t have it, you’ll be able to join. You won’t, however, be able to host a heist unless you own it.


Q: I bought The Big Score bundle but nothing is showing up in the game, what gives?

A: The content should automatically download but in the event it doesn’t, navigate back to the bundle in the store and click on “manage”. Look to the left under “Ready To Install” and click install all.


Q: The Overkill skin is not showing up on my van, what’s happening?

A: We’re fixing this as well and will launch it in a future patch.


Q: Will you be adding an FOV slider to Payday 2 on consoles?

A: We’ve seen requests regarding this so it’s something we’re working on and are aiming launch in a patch soon.


Q: Does The Big Score include general bug fixes?

A: The free update included general bug fixes. We’re also working on adding a patch shortly with more fixes.