Overkill's The Walking Dead and Superfight take the Skybound Lounge at Comic-Con

Follow Michele Morrow as she checks out the Skybound gaming lounge at San Diego Comic-Con and Walker Stalker Fanfest. OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead and Superfight were on display at Petco Park, and Michele got her hands on both.

OVERKILL’S The Walking Dead VR RV let players get a hands-on demo of the game running on Star VR – a demo so frightening you have to sign a waiver before playing. Check out our hands-on experience with the game, where we died a gruesome death that was oh-so-beautiful. Inside the world of The Walking Dead graphic novel series, OVERKILL’S The Walking Dead is puts players in downtown Washington D.C. during the walker outbreak where it’s a constant struggle for survival.

Superfight, the game that will destroy your friendships, had a booth in the convention center where anyone could play, and all day Skybound hosted live games from the Superfight Stage inside Petco Park live on Twitch. 505 Games studio partner Pipeworks brings the card game to mobile devices this fall with the ability to record and stream videos of arguments for the world to see.

Check out Skybound’s video, and stay tuned for more news on OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead and Superfight later this year.