MEMORIES OF MARS - Season 4 launches today!

Hello Martians,

As of today, the 20th of November 2018, we will be entering our fourth season.  As you might know, it is a very busy time of the year for all with holidays and promotions ahead of us. So, we have decided to focus this season on balancing the game, improving performance and tweaking systems. What does that translate into?

Well, it translates into a lot of work “behind the scenes”. First, we will keep fixing standing issues (I.e. no-building zone in SPE4, terminal exploit, client crashes, loading glitches or seeing through buildings) and any other that may come. As you know we monitor the forums and discord channel for ongoing community feedback.

At the same time, we will keep working in previous requests like providing an “user-friendly” tool to handle private servers and Leaderboards to display player stats and finally settle who is the alpha clone in Mars.

We will also be revamping the skill tree, where you will spot the new skills to craft a novelty weapon: AC-5 Brigand, a terrific one-handed shotgun.

We will also be providing new customization options with a variety of skins and patterns, including some festive items to celebrate the holidays.

Finally, we will be removing vehicles we had on the test servers since these weren’t used by the majority of players and because by doing so this will enable us to further optimize the game in terms of performance which we consider to be one of our top priorities.

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See you on the surface.