Insider’s Look into Battle Islands: Commanders – Available Now!

Attention Commanders: This is Craig Moore, lead designer at DR Studios. I’m here to give you an insider’s look into our brand-new game, Battle Islands: Commanders

What is Battle Islands: Commanders?

Battle Islands: Commanders is the next iteration of the popular and explosive Battle Islands franchise. With the release of the original Battle Islands back in 2014, we delivered an epic WW2 themed game set in the Central Pacific theater with strategic base building and asynchronous multiplayer battles.

With millions of players downloading the original game, I would like to say a massive thank you to all our fans. Battle Islands was a very important game for us so when we started thinking about our next game here at the studio, we had some heated discussions and passionate debates about the direction we should follow to make sure we offer an even more intense and fun experience. We also incorporated feedback from the community which included the good and the not so great feedback.  With Battle Islands: Commanders, we are bringing you synchronous PvP action with more environments, more units, and a totally different gameplay mechanic.


Take part in major WWII battles from the war-ravaged Pacific Islands to the harsh winters of the Eastern Front

What gameplay can we expect from Battle Islands: Commanders?

In Battle Islands: Commanders, we stepped up the game to fast paced, real-time PvP battles instead of staying with an asynchronous experience. In a typical ranked battle, you will have 3 minutes to see who can destroy the other player’s Warship first, while also trying to defend your own. It can get very intense, very fast!

The game is also much more challenging for strategically-minded players as we added a whole deck-building dimension. Imagine merging tower defense with card collection gameplay! The game offers a huge variation of troops and vehicles to choose from, and as they progress in the game players will unlock new battlefield units, each with their own skills and characteristics. I’m very curious to see what unit combinations players come up with to win battles. Everyone in the team has their own version of what the ultimate battle deck looks like, we call it the “Wreck-Deck”, so I’m also very excited to compare tactics and strategies from players all around the world.



Face off against other players in real-time, fast-paced 1v1 battles. Every battle will be different!

What are some of the inspirations behind Battle Islands: Commanders?

Battle Islands: Commanders builds on the favorite units from Battle Islands, such as the trusty Riflemen and Medium Tank. But we have a constantly growing roster of more than 40 units, ranging from Attack Dogs and Snipers to Flame Tanks and Fighter Squadrons, all of which have been lovingly created by our awesome and talented art team here at DR Studios.

Battle Islands: Commanders is continuing the attention to realism set with the original game and immersing the player in a universe where units are inspired from what soldiers saw on the battlefield and theaters of war inspired by historical events.



We chose very iconic vehicles that represented the best technology from all sides of the war and meticulously modelled them for authenticity.

With all that said and done, I’m incredibly proud to be a part of the team and share with you Battle Islands: Commander, available to download for free on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam.

It’s time for Battle, Commander!

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