Human Fall Flat Mobile Update

Dear Human Fall Flat Community,

How is everyone doing? I’m pleased to announce that as of the 17th of July there is a new build of Human Fall Flat which fully addresses all the multiplayer issues some of you may have had since we launched Human Fall Flat on the 26th of June. Here are the list of changes in the recent build:

1. Added a region selector the first time you launch multiplayer. This can be changed later on if needed. This selector will mean that you can only see lobbies in your region (should help with big latency problems)
2. Added a server search bar. Can be found in the lobby list.
3. Optimized the lobby list. It can now show way more sessions.
4. Lobbies that are full are now hidden.
5. Added a button to refresh the lobby list.
6. Fixed issues with iOS connections in the same network.

If you are still facing issues or would to chat with us regarding the mobile version of Human Fall Flat you can always find us over at our dedicated Human Fall Flat Discord channel in the 505 Games Server here –>

Have fun with Human Fall Flat, happy respawns!