Human Fall Flat mobile is out now for iOS & Android!

Dear 505’ers & our Human Fall Flat community,

Human Fall Flat is out today on mobile! This includes iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads, as well as a plethora of Android phones and tablets.

Google Play link (Android):

App Store link (iOS):

In case you missed it, we published a Human Fall Flat FAQ which should address a lot of your questions and help you get started spending hours of fun on your mobile devices with Human Fall Flat. It can be found here –> HUMAN FALL FLAT MOBILE FAQ

For anyone facing any troubles with Human Fall Flat on their mobile device after going through the FAQ above here is a link to our bug form –>

For anyone new to Human Fall Flat you might ask yourselves what’s so special about this game. Well, here are seven reasons you might want to consider purchasing Human Fall Flat on mobile:

          1. It’s fun, lots of fun! It’s hard to describe this but once you played it once you’re hooked on it!
          2. It’s great fun in single player but it’s even better when played with friends (multiplayer)
          3. There is a lot of replayability. Each time you replay a level it won’t feel the same as the previous time.
          4. It’s challenging: It combines easy/medium puzzles with a funny and tricky physic that makes the easiest tasks not so easy to perform.
          5. It’s a mobile game, you can play it anywhere on the go!
          6. Multiplayer is cross platform. Yup, play with your friends even if they are on an Android device and you have an iOS one.
          7.  It supports Bluetooth controllers

Be sure to follow our chat on Discord for any Human Fall Flat related discussion –>

Have fun with Human Fall Flat, happy respawns!