Human Fall Flat Mobile FAQ

Hi everyone.

Human Fall Flat is coming to Google Play for all Android devices but also on the App Store for iOS devices as well. Below you will find the links for each store:

Google Play link (Android):

App Store link (iOS):

In the meantime we’ve put together a Human Fall Flat Mobile FAQ for all of you lovely peeps out there. So here it is:

  • I’ve bought Human Fall Flat and it doesn’t work on my mobile device
    If Human Fall Flat is crashing or you are facing problems with it on your mobile device please fill in and submit our support report form found here –>


  • Which territories will Human Fall Flat be available in?
    There are 135 territories available on Google Play and 151 on iOS.




  • Which languages does the mobile edition of Human Fall Flat support in-game? The same languages that are supported on the rest of the platforms
      • English
      • French
      • Spanish
      • German
      • Russian
      • Italian
      • Chinese Simplified
      • Japanese
      • Korean
      • Brazilian Portuguese
      • Turkish
      • Thai
      • Indonesian
      • Polish
      • Ukrainian
      • Portuguese
      • Lithuanian


  • Where are my saves stored?
    The saves are stored in the cloud. If you don’t have an internet connection, the game will save progress it locally until it’s able to connect to the cloud.


  • Can I play online with friends in Human Fall Flat?
    1-4 players peer to per (over 4G / Wifi on mobile) by sending an invite link or joining their public game.


  • How do I start a multiplayer game in Human Fall Flat mobile:
    1) Start Human Fall Flat
    2) From the main menu select “Play
    3) From the Play Game menu select “Multiplayer
    4) From the multiplayer menu select “Host Game
    5) From the Game setting menu you are presented with a number of options
    Select level allows you to level select
    Lock Game Level locks the game level to the just one, so if you complete the level the level will restart rather then jump to the next level
    Max players sets the number of players allowed in the game
    Game privacy sets whether it is a Private or a Public game – if the game is set to private the player must send out invites for other players to join
    6) When desired settings are made select “Start Lobby
    From here (Game Lobby), the host can choose to change the level or wait till players joined.
    – If it is a private lobby the host will need to select “Share invite”, this will bring up the “share menu” the devices built in apps that allow external communications. The player should select which ever method they want to share the invite link and share it with there friends. Currently the game lobby times out if the player is outside the menu for longer the 15 seconds, a fix is being looked out now
    7) Once the desired player count is met press “Start


  • Am I able to obtain achievements in the mobile edition of Human Fall Flat?


  • Can I play multiplayer through split-screen?
    Each player needs its own device


  • How many players does the mobile edition of Human Fall Flat support?
    1 player locally. Up to 4 players in online play


  • What can I do if I suffer from frame rate issues on my device?
    Some lower-end devices may require a restart of the application if played for a long time. Additionally, close any other app or services that are consuming CPU power.


  • How do I host a multiplayer session in Human Fall Flat on mobile?
    Press “Play –> Multiplayer” –> “host game” make sure you have a stable internet connection


  • Does Human Fall Flat require an internet connection to play?
    Only for multiplayer


  • What can I do if I encounter lag or disconnects while playing a multiplayer game over WiFi?
    HFF supports P2P multiplayer, please make sure the device with the fastest CPU is hosting the game


  • I’m having trouble downloading Human Fall Flat from the App Store / Google Play Store. What can I do?
    Please contact our 505 Support channel here –>
    Or come and chat with us on our Discord support channel here –>


  • Does Human Fall Flat on mobile support Bluetooth controllers?
    Yes, see the video below


  • Which controllers do you recommend I play Human Fall Flat with on mobile?
    Personal preference, advanced players might find it more enjoyable to play with a Bluetooth controller.


  • How much device space does Human Fall Flat require to install?
    The game currently uses 457MB


  • Does Human Fall Flat run at 30 or 60fps?


  • Are there any graphics settings in order to make the game run smoother on my rather old mobile phone?


  • Will the game see regular updates as with the PC version?
    Not being developed by the same team so we will not release the same content updates as other SKU.


  • Is there a leaderboard? Is this global or region based?


  • Are there any differences on how Human Fall Flat plays on iOS compared to Android?
    Yes, please read below:The iOS version of Human Fall Flat will release without the same controls as the Android version at launch.The only difference in these controls is that on Android when the player has engaged there hands they are able to tap anywhere on screen to disengage them. Simply use the right stick to engage your hands, leave them engaged and hold something or walk around with them engaged, then tap anywhere on the screen, this will disengage your arms and they will fall back to your side. Swiping on the screen moves the camera but a simple tap will release the arms.iOS will not have this functionality at launch, there will be an update later this week that will address this. Before we update the iOS versions to be the same as the Android version, on iOS the player must use the right joystick to engage or disengage the arms and tapping anywhere will not work to disengage the arms. The feature can be turned on and off in the options menu. Some players might find the tap to release controls problematic in the later stages of the game where camera controls are more important, so they might want to turn this off.

This is an on-going FAQ which will be updated when needed 🙂