How to Survive PAX

PAX Prime is here! Games, cosplay, and an all around good time awaits, but you better prepare, else you might perish in the crowd. Here’s some quick survival tips for PAX Prime 2015.

Leg Protection

Iron sheets and tire straps might be a bit too much for surviving the halls of PAX Prime, so aim for light protection with high comfort. Closed-toe footwear with as much cushioning as possible is recommended. Leave the sandals at home and invest in something with more support such as sneakers. Tiny pillows may be hard to come by, so grab some inserts for your shoes to really give your feet some love.

Health & Stamina

The Washington State Convention Center has lots of food options when your hunger meter is depleting, but often times the lines can be dire. I recommend packing enough nutrients to not rely on convention food – and don’t expect to hunt to pick fruit anywhere nearby.

Carting around Fresh Meat might be out of the question, but Strength Potions such as smoothies, juice, and energy drinks can save the day and insure survival. Be sure you get an adequate amount of proteins and carbs to last throughout the expo!


Similar to a remote archipelago, cell service won’t be the best – and power outlets will be hard to come by. Don’t sit in a corner charging up while you miss the show. Snag an extended battery pack or power brick to charge up your phone when power gets low. You’ll want enough juice for pictures so you can share your adventure.

Take a break

Sometimes you just gotta get away. That’s ok. PAX can be hectic. Huge crowds, tight schedules – it can overwhelm anyone. Find a place to unwind, and if you need to chat with someone, seek out the non-profit Take This. Founded on the principle of educating and advocating about mental health issues, Take This will be at PAX with their signature AFK Rooms. AFK Rooms are a place to get away, take a break, and chat with volunteers. The Take This AFK Room is in room #309, and you can find out more about it on

How many floors?!

Did you know there’s six floors at PAX Prime? HOLY. With something fun to do on each floor, you’ll want to visit them all. You could start from up high and descend from there, or climb you way from bottom to top, where glory awaits. Whatever you do, be sure to come by booth #6211 on the sixth level where How to Survive 2 will be playable for the first time.

Enjoy your show, and while you’re here, check out the brand new How to Survive 2 trailer. Let’s hope you survive PAX and make it out alive!