Get Together With Our Community Managers

Hi everyone! Antonela here, Senior Brand Community Manager at 505 Games. Did you know… Today is Community Manager Appreciation Day! (#CMAD) Here at 505 Games, I’m super fortunate to work with an amazing team of CM’s, located in house around the world.

Our team is currently made up of 5 Community Managers… We have 2 Global CM’s based in the UK, 2 Global CM’s based in LA and 1 CM based in our China office. (Hello, Haidong!) Then, we have the wonderful folk over in our other offices that assist with social… Spain, Japan, Germany, France and Italy. We might not all be under the same roof, but we’re a very close group with the same goals and objectives.

To mark the occasion, we’re going to give you an insight into what our Global CM’s do here at 505 Games and to hopefully give you a greater understanding for the role itself. We’ll try to cover as much as we can, BUT if you have any questions, head on over to our Official 505 Games server. Our team of CM’s can be found there and are more than happy to answer any questions you have!

OK, let’s get started…

Which titles do you look after?

* Memories of Mars
* Control

What’s a typical day like as a Community Manager at 505 Games?

I am tasked to protect the realm of the 505 UK Games office from all threats, foreign and domestic. I’ve been training with weights and practising various Martial Arts for this role my whole life and I’m proud to say that since I started working at 505 Games in August 2017, I’ve saved the lives of many of my fellow colleagues from certain death and nobody has lost any XPs and upgrades since I started working here. So yeah, I’m very proud of that. No deaths and no XP loss.

When I get to the office, I usually do a 20-30 minute warm-up going though emails and checking the social channels I manage. Then I move over to my main workout which includes a lot of strategy planning, reporting, meetings and a lot of complimentary exercises (other tasks) which I’m probably forgetting right now. No workout is ever the same. Some days are a breeze, others might have some injuries involved. I workout alone but if the bar is loaded and the weight is too much, I might ask my dear 505 colleagues for a spot!

What do you love the most about being a Community Manager at 505 Games?

Nice gym (workplace) and not far from home, lots of free weights (freedom to try out new things) and last and certainly not least, awesome workout buddies!

What advice do you have for an aspiring Community Manager?

Stay hydrated and remember to take breaks between sets. This ensures you are always ready to give it your everything on each workout ?

Which titles do you look after?

* 505 Games corporate channels
* Portal Knights
* Assetto Corsa
* Assetto Corsa Competizione
* Laser League
* Hellblade (PS4 Retail)
* No Man’s Sky (Xbox One Retail)

What’s a typical day like as a Community Manager at 505 Games?

No day is ever the same in our lands! But on a typical day… Mine starts with tea and breakfast. (Super important) I tend to use the mornings to do a full social sweep across our community channels, answering questions and highlighting any issues and feedback that’s come up overnight to our Brand Managers, Producers and QA. This is also the time to respond to emails etc. You know… The usual kind of thing you’d expect working in this industry. This actually goes on all day, but I usually give my communities my full attention, with no distractions, first thing in the morning.

It’s then time to look over calendars, prepare content that needs scheduling and take some time to amend future plans, should needs be. Our content strategy evolves over time in response to content performance and changes in the dev schedule.

I also use this time to ensure our territories have the assets they need to support our comms. As Global CM’s, it’s super important to make sure our teams have what they need. Most of the time, our plans are set in stone well in advance, but anyone that understands this role knows you sometimes you have to be reactive and plans do change. For example, in response to unexpected hotfixes and updates.

As part of content prep, I also need to capture assets for social use. This time is super useful, as it’s a great opportunity to check out new upcoming content from builds that we’ll be talking about at a late date. Once I’ve captured what I need, I’ll get the content sent to my Brand Managers for them to sign off.

At the end of the month, I report back to the business on how our channels are performing. Of course, monitoring KPI’s is hugely important to us, but community sentiment is equally as important. For me, it’s an opportunity to highlight what’s working and what’s not, for giving those around me an insight into what people are saying about the brand and what they want to see in the future from our titles. Not only are the reports beneficial for informing those around us, but they’re great for us as CM’s to look back on in months to come and benchmark against.

On top of this, we spend a lot of time behind the scenes in meetings, having discussions on what we can do better as a team and of course, making sure our community feel appreciated and heard on a daily basis.

What do you love the most about being a Community Manager at 505 Games?

The response we get from our community when we give them something they want. Nothing beats it! With barely any red tape in place, we are encouraged to be incredibly open with our players here at 505. Of course, never promise anything we can’t deliver… BUT, we’re encouraged to do what we can to offer a greater insight into how game dev works.

We are also encouraged to attend events. There’s something incredibly rewarding about meeting your players face to face, posting live from an event and making your fan base feel like they are in the same room as you! Real-life community management is becoming more and more important to us.

Working in Community Management here at 505 Games means you engage with all departments in the business, which is awesome! We work incredibly close to Marketing, Creative, Production, Design, QA, Customer Support and Submissions! You learn a great deal about what their roles involve too.

What advice do you have for an aspiring Community Manager?

* Please understand there’s more to this role than ‘just posting on Facebook and Twitter.’ Working in community management requires a LOT of multi-tasking, so try and gain an understanding for the multiple platforms you’ll have to spend your time on, as well as the scheduling and planning reporting that also comes as part of the role.

* Learn about each social platform and stay on top of new trends. Think outside the box too when it comes to ideas! Put these ideas to practice on your own blogs / sites and offer to moderate channels and forums you’re active on. This sort of experience is invaluable and shows you’re passionate and proactive about the role.

* Gain an understanding for social KPIs. Most wouldn’t think someone who works in social media / community management also has a calculator on their desk… But I do! Maths plays quite a big part when it comes to reporting back to the business. While we have tools that illustrate our KPI performance, sometimes we have to do things the ‘hard way’ with a pen, notepad and calculator.

* Get yourself to events and engage with industry professionals! This is how I got my first taste of industry life during my time at university… Talking to a studio led to work experience. While this isn’t a guarantee, don’t be afraid to ask us questions and ask for advice. We all had to start somewhere ourselves, so we can help. If you can’t get to events, chat to us online! Most of us can be found on Twitter and LinkedIn and are more than happy to offer personal tips, should you want them!

* Time management is so important. Most who work in community management will tell you this isn’t a 9-5 job and while that’s absolutely the case, it’s so important to give yourself time out or you’ll result in burn out. Think carefully about how you’ll get everything you want doing done in a work day and highlight that in any interview you go to. Organisation is key!

Which titles do you look after?

* Terraria

What’s a typical day like as a Community Manager at 505 Games?

My day starts early at 4:30AM, before the sun rises. My inventory is filled with some of the best end game items including a Cell Phone and the rarest weapon available, the legendary Dev Switch. Supposedly, it is the only weapon that can defeat the Moon Lord on Switch. I always have the Well Fed buff active before I leave my house. The world is a dangerous place and I just cannot risk the hearts. The streets will be covered with slime, but I have Ironskin so they do not really bother me. Our world is filled with Corruption and I believe it is my purpose to fight it with any allies I find alone or in need of a new home. When I get to the office my priority is to make sure the members of my team are happy and they are not missing anything, the last thing I want is for any of them to disappear.

I am new to the 505 Games family. However, I spend a lot of time speaking with my fellow Terrarians and building a team of the most dedicated members in the Terraria community. If you play Terraria please message me on Discord @ MrGameTheory#8778 or on Steam @ MrGameTheory. Let me know your gaming background and how you think you can help the Terraria community.

What do you love the most about being a Community Manager at 505 Games?

I love working with awesome people at 505 Games, Re-Logic, DR Studios, Pipeworks Studios, and allies from around the world. You could also say that I am in love with Terraria on Switch and 1.3 on mobile.

What advice do you have for an aspiring Community Manager?

Help as many people as you can find. Make the world a more enjoyable place. Follow your passion. Know that each person is worth your time and is capable of doing marvellous things if given the right opportunity.

Which titles do you look after?

* Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
* Indivisible
* Underworld Ascendant
* Journey to the Savage Planet

What’s a typical day like as a Community Manager at 505 Games?

My daily routine is very similar to the other CMs at 505 (and other companies). I start each day going through the social feeds. Which game I start with depends on what’s happening. If there’s been a recent update or announcement I’ll start on that title and begin to go through the various platforms. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Discord, forums, Kickstarter, Steam, Reddit, YouTube. It can take a while!

A big part of going over the social feeds is to collect feedback from the fans. What you like, don’t like, what issues have popped up. Anything critical gets forwarded right away and the rest goes into the regular reports. The feedback has a direct impact on the production of the games.

Underworld and Savage Planet have awesome community managers that work directly for their development studios, so I will chat with them in Discord to see what’s up.

The Brand Managers and I will talk regularly as well. We’ll discuss what is coming up, what sort of resources and assets are being worked on and what we are going to need for the future. From there it’s planning out the social posts. I’ll look over the the marketing and brand plans to make sure the planned posts hit the needed points and figure out fun content for the other times.

What do you love the most about being a Community Manager at 505 Games?

I really enjoy when I’m able to connect players to each other with something fun. A reveal, a clever post, a good gameplay discussion. Something that gets everyone excited and talking to each other.

What advice do you have for an aspiring Community Manager?

First off, learn your games as well as you can, but accept that you’ll never know the game as well as the most dedicated players!

Be organized and disciplined! Being a Community Manager on one game means spending time on five to ten platforms every day. This is multiplied by multiple games. If you don’t approach your day with a plan, it will very quickly get away from you. You must also be disciplined, otherwise you can end up sucked into a single platform and neglect the others.

Finally, know that everyone interacting with your game/brand/etc is there out of a sense of interest and passion. It’s your job to feed that passion and keep the community open to everyone that wants to interact.

Happy #CMAD to our team of Community Managers and to our amazing players, who we couldn’t do any of this without!