Get Together With 505 Games - Matt Derrick

Welcome back to our ‘Get Together With 505 Games’ blog! It’s that time again… This week, we want to introduce you to Matt Derrick, one of our UK based Multimedia Designers here at 505 Games…

Matt Derrick, Multimedia Designer


Q: Hi Matt! So… What is it you do here at 505 Games?

A: I am a Multimedia Designer, which is a short hand way of saying I’m a 2D & 3D artist, animator, videographer and video editor.


Q: What do you enjoy the most about working at 505 Games?

A: I really enjoy being able to work on so many different titles at once. I’m always busy, never bored and I suppose my co-workers are (kind of) okay.


Q: Have you always wanted to be a Multimedia Designer?

A: Sort of. I trained as a filmmaker because I wanted to tell stories. I bounced between directing, camera operation, editing and had a brief stint as a photographer (the most stressful job I’ve ever had) before becoming an animator. After a few years I trained to be a 3D generalist and landed a few visual FX jobs, but I could never really leave any of my olds roles alone for too long. Being a Multimedia Designer seemed like my best bet to basically use every skill I had in the toolbox.


Q: Which title/s are you currently working on?

A: All of them! We are a relatively small team so I’ll end up working on every title in some way at some stage. Before Antonela told me to write this I was looking over an upcoming Portal Knights trailer and sorting clips for the next Underworld Ascendant dev diary. It’s all go!


Q: Have you always wanted to work in the game industry?

A: I have but I never thought it was possible. My home town has practically zero opportunities for this kind of work. I knew I wanted to tell stories so I trained as a filmmaker but I was always curious about animation so I started to study in my own time whilst balancing part time jobs etc. This kind of happened a few times; I thought something was impossible, told myself I couldn’t do it but then I ended up doing it anyway. Then after a while I kind of stumbled into having all the relevant skills to working in the videogame industry!


Q: Do you have a favourite 505 Games title? If so, what is it and why?

A: I first became aware of 505 during the 505 GameStreet days with great PS2 releases like Armored Core: Nine Breaker and a whole host of great PS2 schmups. Fire Pro Wrestling Returns was another one of those amazing PS2 gems that I spent hundreds of hours on. In terms of recent stuff, we’ve got great games like Abzu, Last Day of June and Virginia. I honestly can’t wait for people to get their hands on Indivisible, Bloodstained and Underworld Ascendant, those titles really resonate with me and I know people are going to love them!


Q: Can you tell us something that many won’t know about you?

A: When I was 3 years old a series of unfortunate and haunting events involving a golf course and a Christmas themed magician left me with a terrible fear of birds. So I have Ornithophobia and a Wizard did it.


Q: What advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue a career in games?

A: That there isn’t one way in and there isn’t a great one size fits all answer to this question. I never thought I’d get to work in video games, it was a distant dream and nothing more, but then I think I had a narrow view of the incredible amount of job roles in the industry. I had a friend say to me “I’d love to work in games, but I couldn’t possibly leave my accounting job” so I told her “why not apply to be an accountant for a games company?”. Not everyone is a programmer or a designer, look to the skills and education that you have and configure them to your aspirations. Working in this industry is also incredibly hard, sometimes frustrating and often tiring so you need to ask yourself how badly you want it. Another great way of pursuing a career in games is to just reach out to relevant folks on Twitter and ask their advice, if you’re genuine and nice they will more often than not answer your questions. We’re all lovely really.