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Console heisters rejoice! PAYDAY 2: The Big Score Edition is here and throws the PAYDAY gang into a new kind of crimespree ranging from going to Las Vegas to heist the Golden Grin Casino to stealing a fortune and jumping out of a flying plane! With PAYDAY 2: The Big Score Edition players get Crimewave Edition PLUS 10 paid DLC and over 20 free updates. The free updates contain a lineup of new heists, characters, weapons, masks and more. The update adds lots of free content for all users and makes PAYDAY 2: The Big Score the perfect addition to any console heister’s arsenal.

PAYDAY is an action-packed, four-player co-op shooter where you rob banks and get paid. Up to four friends co-operate as the crew tackles jobs that become bigger, better and more rewarding. Along the way, earn more money and customize your character with new skillsets that change the way you play, while also building your own arsenal of guns and gear.


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Payday 2 The Big Score


Developer: Starbreeze Studios

  • More content than ever – Includes 10 premium DLC’s and over 20 content updates
  • Log in to Crimenet – The dynamic contract database lets gamers connect with local contacts and choose from available jobs
  • Pick your profession – Invest your skill points and build your career path as an enforcer, mastermind, technician, fugitive and ghost.
  • Dynamic scenarios – Random geometry and rare events ensure no heist ever plays out the same.
  • Accessorize and customize – Spend your cash on over 500k weapon variations and mask combinations!
  • Co-op multiplayer action – Cover your back when the cash hits the fan.

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