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Open Country
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Open Country

Make sure your backpack is stocked up because we’re not in the city anymore. Get your rifle and ammo ready, and make sure you set up camp and a fire before the sun goes down…the wolves and bears are hungry and you look like dinner. The Ranger needs some guidance from a skilled outdoorsman, and Gary at the Snowridge Lodge could really use some more game to get him through the rough months. Are you up for the challenge of surviving in the Open Country?

Open Country
Release Dates
Steam: TBA
Developer: Funlabs
Genre: Adventure,
  • A full outdoor adventure featuring hunting, exploration and survival across lush maps and unforgiving conditions.
  • Over 30 missions that require you to use your knowledge of the wilderness and prove to the ranger than you’re capable of becoming a Certified Master Outdoorsman.
  • Manage hunger, thirst, and overall safety – try to avoid getting eaten by hungry animals!
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