Discover the Underwater World of ABZÛ Today!

505 Games and Giant Squid are proud to announce that ABZÛ is available now on PlayStation 4 and Steam. ABZÛ takes players on an unforgettable journey deep beneath the ocean’s surface. Filled with many creatures, players will form unique, personal relationships with underwater wildlife throughout the narrative.

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“When I die, I hope whatever happens next is even half as beautiful as Abzu.” – Gamespot 9/10

“Closer to being a work of art than many games ever will be.” – Game Informer 8/10

“A poignant journey, an absolutely stellar soundtrack, twists and discoveries that took me by surprise.” – EGMNOW 9/10

“A spectacular journey worth taking.” – IGN 8.4/10

Boasting exquisite visuals, an emotional story, and a score composed by Austin Wintory, ABZÛ is ready for players around the globe to dive in and experience a story that won’t be soon forgotten. Players assume the role of a diver, but instead of creating a scuba simulator, Giant Squid wanted to evoke the dream of diving. Because of this, ABZÛ perfectly communicates the real heart of diving: Experiencing the magic of the ocean and a surreal, new world.


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