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Shopkins top trumps goes mobile with loads of fun games & activities

From the award winning and record breaking Shopkins toys!

Enter Shopville, meet Apple Blossom, Kooky Cookie, Lippy Lips and over 60 adorable and cute Shopkins characters. Follow the story, win your Top Trumps matches, unlock bonus cards, have fun with the mini-games and the activity center!

Release Dates
Developer: Mangatar
  • Meet the Shopkins characters. Learn who their BFF’s are, where they like to chill and what they like to do for fun!
  • Highly engaging and exciting Top Trumps card game that will engage and keep your kids entertained. Enjoy hours of uninterrupted fun and set top records on your mobile device.
  • Memory Game: Challenge your memory skills and match your Shopkins characters.
  • No in-app purchased, pay once and play!
  • Create and share with friends your Shopkins party invitations. Colour and share your very own customized Shopkins characters!
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