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Chimpact Squash
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Chimpact Squash

Join Chuck the Chimp and his whole family in this dazzling new Match-3 adventure! Squash matching fruit to keep your chimp running, sliding, swinging and smashing through the jungle to the finish line. Watch out for crafty critters along the way; play strategically to dispatch them before they can attack!

Chimpact Squash
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Release Dates
App Store: Juli 10, 2015
Google Play: Juli 10, 2015
Developer: Yippee! Entertainment
Genre: Puzzle
  • Explore luscious, vibrant environments as you traverse Chuck’s island paradise.
  • Do battle with the troublesome Totem and his cohorts.
  • Choose from up to six Chimps, each with their own spectacular power-up.
  • Unlock Chimp signature power-ups and three others to help you progress! Receive a free daily power-up for each Chimp you have.
  • Compete with Facebook friends to determine who’s really King of the Jungle, or play nice and send them free gifts including Chimps!
  • English, French, German, Italian and Spanish languages supported.
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