Inside Overkill's The Walking Dead at E3 2015

Armed with a shotgun, I’m ready to take on the endless onslaught of undead in Overkill’s The Walking Dead. But there’s only one problem: I’m confined to a wheelchair. After an emergency leg amputation in a hellish hospital, I hear other survivors plan our escape. I’m dead weight. With only one leg, I can’t do much to defend myself, nor protect the group. Have you ever tried to push a wheel chair and shoot walkers at the same time?

Playing on Starbreeze’s StarVR, I’m able to move my head freely to scan my surroundings. With 210 degrees of projection on the set itself, I quickly turn to the side to take out the walker who smashed through a hallway window. I’m also able to completely turn around, witnessing the apocalypse from every angle. As my fellow survivors reluctantly push my wheelchair towards the exit, we interrupt a walker’s meal. Boom. Dead. (Again.) But now his friends know where we are. It’s a mad dash outside as we’re soon surrounded by threats. I fire off shots as quickly as I can, manually reloading my pump-action shotgun frantically as undead near closer and closer.

Bitten. One from our group goes down. “She’s dead,” I hear as I’m pulled backwards, “Leave her!” Bang. I fire off more shots. Bang. I focus on the walkers that are closest and pose the highest threat. “How much ammo do I have left?” Bang. They grow in numbers. Bang. They get closer. “You’re out of ammo! You’re on your own!” Did he just leave me? He left me! Click. Click. Click. I really am out of ammo. They get closer and closer. I make one final effort with my shotgun, jabbing the barrel at anything I can hit.


The demo I played at E3 2015 is not necessarily a part of Overkill’s The Walking Dead, but is instead a standalone experience meant to portray the final product. At the end of the demo I was killed by walkers, likely ending as one of them (or in their stomach), but when the game launches in 2016 my fate may change.

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