ADR1FT Enters the PlayStation 4 Stratosphere

505 Games is excited to announce that ADR1FT is available NOW on PlayStation 4! The emotional first person experience developed by Three One Zero allows players to assume the role of Commander Alex Oshima. After waking up to discover a catastrophic event has occurred on the HAN-IV space station, with no memory of what happened she is thrown into a struggle for survival. In ADR1FT, you’ll find out what happened to the crew, discover the cause of the catastrophic event, and bring Alex back to safety.

Buy ADR1FT today on PSN for $19.99.


GameInformer calls ADR1FT a “mix of tense gameplay that stays with you after the mission’s end.”

Add ADR1FT to you PlayStation 4 library NOW for $19.99 on PSN.


ADR1FT is also available on Steam and Oculus VR. Find out more at